Google ads bidding strategies – Which ones should you choose based on your goals?

Google ads offer a variety of bidding strategies depending on your campaign goals. Whether you are looking to bring more traffic to your site, get more conversions, promote your brand or maximise views, google ads has you covered.

Here are some of the most prevelant bidding strategies that google ads offer based on your goals ~

  1. Bidding strategy to maximise clicks – Google offers two bidding strategies if you want to pay for clicks. The first one is maximise clicks that will automatically get you the most clicks for your prescribed budget. The second one is manual CPC where you decide what you want to pay for each click. In both cases, google ads will charge you for clicks.
  2. Bidding strategy to maximise conversions – If your goal is to generate leads and you have conversion tracking enabled, you can use target CPA bidding (pay for conversions), maximise conversions or enhanced cost per click bidding to get the best bang for your buck.
  3. Bidding strategies to maximise views impressions – If you want to do a branding exercise, you can use CPM bids to maximise your impressions. Alternatively, you can use CPV (cost per views) bidding to maximise your video views.

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