Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO – or optimizing your website for top rankings in mobile searches is different from optimizing for desktop. In certain ways, there is an overlap, but if you are not optimizing for mobile in 2017, you could be losing a significant (almost 60%) of traffic and sales. At Top Ranks, we optimize the following factors when optimizing your site for mobile:

  • Responsive Design – Google prefers responsive web design that seamlessly displays your webpage across all screens without a change in URL or HTML. An example of a responsive website is the one your are viewing right now. Try it on any other screen and you will see how beautifully it optimizes itself across tablets, smartphones and PC’s.
  • Mobile Keywords Research – Keyword searches on mobile are more intent-based and are likely to convert very fast. Identifying these search terms is essential for success.
  • Mobile Content¬†& Landing Pages – Content on mobile has to be short and to the point. It should have a clear call to action and the landing pages should focus on capturing a lead or driving the intent of the customer.
  • Mobile Rankings – Rankings on mobile are usually slightly different from those on desktops. Tracking the right rankings and segregating them from the desktop rankings is essential to achieve success.

At Top Ranks, we use the most sophisticated tools to get your website ranked at the top of google in mobile searches. Mobile SEO is easy with help from Top Ranks at hand. Contact us today at +1 (917) 819 5384 from the US or fill in the form on the right and we will get back to you ASAP!