Local SEO

Local SEO is relevant to your business if you serve customers in one or multiple locations and do not target a global audience. For example, if you are a car repair shop with workshops in 3 locations, you are a Local Business.

SEO for Local businesses is different from targeting a global audience. At Top Ranks, we have mastered Local SEO techniques that place you at the top of your competitors in Google. Some of the main ranking factors that we work upon while optimizing your local business for google are:

  • Site Technicals – These are on-site factors such as contact us page, schema, NAP (Name, address and phone number) consistency, location pages etc.
  • Local Content
  • Local back links
  • Citations with NAP consistency
  • Reviews on Google and sites such as Yelp
  • Social media engagement

Local SEO can be challenging with the amount of competition rising in each industry. At Top Ranks, we will ensure your Local Business gets the rankings it deserves. For a free evaluation, please fill in the details on the right or call us at +1 (917) 819 5384 from the US and one of our specialists will get back to you.