Should you use google ads for shopify website?

So, you have got a shopify website for your business where you sell to B2B or B2C customers. But the question is, how do you get targeted traffic to your shopify website? Well, one way is to do it through search, SEO or PPC.

While it is completely possible to optimize your shopify website for organic rankings through SEO, this may take a lot of time depending on various factors such as your site age, the competition in your niche and so on. There’s a quicker alternative.

Use google ads for shopify.

Google ads work on a pay per click mechanism where you bid for your target keywords and google sends traffic to your shopify website charging you for every click. So, why google ads for shopify?

  1. Instant Traffic – With google ads for shopify, you can get your ads up and running within minutes. This gives you instant traffic and sales as opposed to waiting for months or years with SEO.
  2. Opportunity to test and measure – You will know exactly which keywords are generating sales on your shopify website with google ads conversion optimization. You can then use the ones that convert to be optimized for organic search.

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Happy marketing with google ads for shopify!