Search (Primarily Google search) is one of the most powerful medium to drive targeted traffic to your website. At Top Ranks, we can help you generate more business through

Google Organic Search (SEO) & Google Pay per click Ads (Adwords PPC) 

According to a recent study by Chitika, the top 3 positions for any keyword search in Google attract the most traffic, and it only degrades from there. Therefore, having top rankings for your website for your most targeted keywords is essential to drive traffic. With hundreds of thousands of websites competing for top positions in Google, this is not only hard to achieve, but also requires a lot of time and resources. When you hire Top Ranks for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) needs, our dedicated staff uses the latest techniques that are ethical and generate long term top rankings for your website.

In most cases, it is not possible to achieve top rankings for all keywords that you are targeting for your business. Therefore, it makes sense for most businesses to use a combination of SEO and Google Pay Per Click ads to target all keywords. At Top Ranks, we help you optimize your google ad campaigns in combination with SEO to eliminate redundancy and get the best bang for every buck you spend on search marketing.

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