Google Analytics

One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing over traditional media is “measurability”. Every aspect of online marketing efforts can be measured for RoI. The most reliable tool that as been around to measure and track online channels is Google Analytics.

Some of the most important data that google analytics returns for your website visitors are:

  1. Goals: Creating goals (conversion tracking) in analytics can help you measure the RoI from your online marketing campaigns including leads, trial signups, newsletter subscriptions and more. Conversion tracking within analytics can help you identify your most converting keywords, landing pages, visitor paths and other behaviors that lead to a conversion.
  2. Adwords:  Google adwords as in-built conversion tracking but it can be linked to google analytics account for a detailed view on organic and paid traffic and which one converts better for a given keyword. Such insights can help you optimize your ad spend and SEO efforts.
  3. Views: The reporting views offered by google analytics help you understand where the traffic is coming from (social media, mobile, email campaigns etc.) and are useful in developing strategies that attract, retain and convert visitors.

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