Can SEO be automated?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization remains the #1 medium to drive targeted traffic to your website in 2019. SEO can be tedious whether you choose to do it in-house or outsource to an agency like Top Ranks India. To make things easier, a number of SEO tools exist in the market that promise to automate the SEO process.

In this post, we will discuss if these so called SEO automation tools can really help you bring down your costs and save time.

There are two kinds of SEO tools in the market. One – that provide big data in a concise way for effective decision making. The others, that promise SEO automation, such as by building backlinks automatically. At Top Ranks India, we strictly don’t believe that SEO automation tools should be used for your SEO processes. For one, they are spammy, and two they won’t get you the desired results because of the nature of how google works.

Ethical SEO requires dedicated work over a long period of time to execute your strategy in a natural way that google likes to reward. Using big data tools such as SEMRush and Ahrefs can actually help you in this process by providing meaningful insights into your site, competitors, content, backlinks, keywords and more. We use such tools in-house at Top Ranks India and highly recommend them.

So, the simple answer to the question – “Can SEO be automated?” – is a BIG NO. Executing a careful SEO strategy requires time and SEO experts who can leverage the big data tools to manually get results.

If you are in the market looking for an SEO expert or an SEO company, Top Ranks India can help you get started with a free SEO audit of your website. Just email us at today!

Happy Marketing!