What are the best lead generation channels for higher education?

You are a higher education business struggling with quality lead generation? Well, you are not alone. At Top Ranks India, we work with multiple higher education businesses across the globe from India to the USA helping them generate leads through multiple channels.

In today’s post, we will explore the top three lead generation channels for higher education businesses ~

  1. Google Ads – If you are completely new to digital marketing and lead generation, this is where you should ideally start. Google ads have an advantage of showing your ads almost instantly after setting up the campaigns. This means, in just a month after beginning the ads, you will have a fair idea about the lead flow and quality.
  2. SEO – Once you have had success with google ads over a period of time, you want to invest in SEO efforts for lead generation, because google organic results get more than 95% of the clicks. Google ads above will also tell you which keywords are profitable, so you can SEO those keywords to generate organic free traffic.
  3. Facebook Ads – In just less than a decade, facebook ads have grown to a point where they just can’t be ignored as a medium of lead generation for higher education businesses. As the dominant social media, you must run your ads on facebook for a few weeks and see the results for yourself.

At Top Ranks India, we have extensive experience in generating leads for higher education companies like Jamboree Education in India. This means, we can leverage our experience and expertise for your business as well. Just email us at sales@topranks.in today for a free SEO audit!

Happy marketing!