Can digital marketing replace traditional marketing?

We are in 2019, and irrespective of which country you are doing business in, you are probably already aware of the fact that you can’t live without digital marketing. Digital marketing is fast catching up everywhere, whether B2B or B2C communities. But, the question arises, is traditional marketing still alive and does it work? Or is digital replacing it slowly?

We will discuss exactly that in this post. Read on.

To begin with, we will start with a basic question that you can answer yourselves. Where are you spending your most time in 2019? Reading newspapers, listening to the radio, watching TV or on the internet on your smartphone or PC? Chances are that you are doing the latter.

More and more people are cutting the TV cable cord in exchange for OTT players like Netflix on their smart TV’s and phones. Radio, newspapers and TV are increasingly becoming less and less relevant. Which means, businesses have to target their audience on the devices people are using in 2019. These devices are smartphones and PC’s.

Digital marketing is clearly making more inroads at the cost of traditional marketing. More businesses are using google search (SEO and google ads), social media such as facebook and twitter, mobile ads to target their audience with more precision. More importantly, digital marketing is completely measurable as compared to its traditional counterparts, and offers much more value for the ad dollar spent.

If you are a marketer wondering what medium to choose, the future is clearly digital. Digital marketing is slowly but steadily eating into the share of traditional marketing, and the trend continues.

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Happy marketing!