Lead Generation for Dummies through Search Marketing (SEO and Google Ads PPC)

If you are a startup business anywhere on the globe, you probably have a limited budget for marketing. You want to spend money wisely on the channels that generate quality leads quickly and in the most cost effective manner for your business.

Well, we have some good news for you. Digital marketing in 2019 gives a level playing field to all kinds of businesses, small or large. So, the question arises – which digital marketing channels you should use for lead generation if you are a dummy?

The answer is SEARCH. Search marketing consists of organic and paid traffic that you can drive to your website in a cost effective manner. This is done through a mix of SEO (search engine optimization) and Google Ads PPC (pay per click).

Ideally, we recommend you to split your marketing budget in half and half for both these strategies. You should start with google Ads PPC to test waters with the keywords that generate quality leads for your business first. The results with google ads PPC are instant once you setup your campaign. Once you know which keywords are working for you, you should hire a competent SEO company and focus o organic traffic. This should take a few months to show results, but is worth every penny spent in the long run.

Lead generation for dummies through SEO and PPC in 2019 can be challenging if you are new to the world of digital marketing. Thankfully, we at Top Ranks India can help you get started with a free SEO & PPC Audit of your website. To request one, please email us at sales@topranks.in today!

Happy Marketing!