What are the key factors for mobile SEO in 2019?

We are already in 2019, and mobiles have taken over desktops in search market share. Over 60% of all searches performed on google are done on a mobile device. It is therefore imperative to optimize your website for mobiles (mobile SEO).

Google’s mobile first index takes into consideration mobile rankings ONLY to show results on both desktops and mobiles. This means, if your website is mobile ready and responsive, you are good. However, if you are not mobile ready, you will lose out on rankings.

So, what classifies as a mobile device? According to Google, mobiles = smartphones ONLY. They do not include tablets in this category. Therefore, having your website responsive for smartphones is the first key metrics google will use to rank your website.

The best way to serve your website on multiple devices is to make it responsive as opposed to separate URL’s or dynamic serving. The current website you are viewing is a google mobile SEO friendly responsive design, that responds to each device type.

All that being said and done, here are a few tips to get your site SEO ready for mobiles ~

  1. Check mobile usability with google search console
  2. Let google crawl everything
  3. Get rid of intrusive pop ups
  4. Have your site load in under a second for mobile users
  5. Make your mobile content more readable
  6. Improve your organic mobile CTR by optimising title and description tags for mobile serps

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Happy Marketing!