Are google ads Pay-per-click?

If you are a business interested in generating leads and customers online, you have probably heard about google ads. Google ads are the largest source of revenue of the tech giant Google.

What are google ads? Are they pay per click?

Google ads are the text ads you see on the top of google SERPS when you search for something. Multiple advertisers bid for the same keywords, and depending on the quality of ads and the bid get the top slot.

Every time someone clicks on a google ad and goes to the advertiser website, the advertiser is charged money. This is a pay per click mechanism where automated dynamic bidding process decides what the advertiser pays.

Yes, google ads are PPC (pay per click) ads, but yo also have the option to run google display ads where google will show your banners on partner publisher network sites for a CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

To summarise, while the text search google ads are primary pay per click, the display ads work on a pay per impression (CPM) model as well as a PPC model.

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