What do Google Ads Cost in India?

New to google advertising? You’re probably wondering how google ads work and what do they cost in India. Well, in this post we will explain how you should go about budgeting for google ads if you are an advertiser in India. Read on.

To begin with, google ads work on a PPC (pay per click) mechanism where you pay google for every click they bring to your website. This PPC price depends on how much competition is there for the keyword that brings traffic. The more is the competition, the higher you will pay for every click.

What decides google ads cost?

So, what decides how much do you pay for a click? Well, google ads work on an auction system with a real time bidding system. You decide the max cost per click you are willing to pay, and factors such as your bid and ad relebvance will matter what google chooses to charge you.

You have complete control to set your budgets. Google will stop showing your ads once The a daily budget threshold is met.

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Happy marketing!