Are google ads worth it?

If you are not new to digital marketing, you have probably heard of google ads and possibly experimented with them. They may or may not have worked for your business. Today, we will discuss if google ads are worth it or not.

Difference between SEO and google ads!

While SEO efforts will bring in organic, free traffic to your website, google ads work on a pay per click mechanism where you pay for every single clicks that google ads bring to your website. So, why even brother with google ads when SEO can bring in free traffic?

  1. SEO is not free. You will ideally have to invest a lot of money to get your site ranked organically for a lot of keywords. This may be spent on in-house resources or on a SEO company in India like Top Ranks India.
  2. SEO takes a lot of time. It will usually take between months to several years to rank your website organically for your chosen keywords because there’s a lot of competition in every niche.
  3. SEO is not guaranteed. Even when you spend a lot of time and money on SEO, there are chances that your website will not rank on page one. There are no guarantees that any SEO agency in India can provide.

Which brings us back to the question – Are google ads worth it?

Absolutely. Google ads are worth every penny spent because of the following reasons ~

  1. Google ads bring instant traffic. You setup your campaigns and bids, and google starts showing your ads almost instantly.
  2. You set your budgets so you are always in complete control of what you spend.
  3. Google ads is a great testing platform. You can test your target keywords for which ones are converting to leads or customers, and which ones are not. You can use this data to decide which keywords need SEO to be profitable.
  4. Google ads is a great alternative to SEO where rankings are not delivered in highly competitive niche.

To cut long story short, google ads are a great way to bring in targeted traffic to your website and worth every penny you spend. However, they have to be done right with the expertise of PPC experts such as the ones we have at Top Ranks India.

If you are contemplating using google ads for your business, give us a shout out at and we will help you get started with a free PPC audit. Happy marketing!