Are google ads worth it for lead generation in India?

A lot of businesses ask us this question when starting out with digital marketing. So, are google ads worth it for lead generation in India?

Absolutely. If you are a B2B business operating in a single or multiple geographies in India, google ads can help deliver consistent stream of quality leads for your business.

Should you choose google ads or other traditional sources for lead generation?

Traditional methods of lead generation such as trade shows might work for you. But the truth is that with the advent of Jio, internet penetration has reached whole new levels in India. Every business is looking for what they want online, specifically on google. If you are not leveraging the power of google to generate leads for your business, you are missing out on huge opportunity.

To put things in perspective, our Indian google ads clients generate 70-100% of their business through lead generation from google ads. This should give you an idea about how important google ads can be for your business sustainability.

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Happy marketing!