What should you pay as SEO charges in India per month?

Fair Question.

When you are outsourcing your SEO efforts to a company like us (Top Ranks India) – you are wondering what you should be paying per month to your SEO agency.

Well, first of all, not all outsourced SEO agencies/companies are created equal. Do a google search for SEO company in India and you will find tons of google ads promising a very low monthly fee, sometimes even less than USD 200 per month. We will tell you the truth why you should skip these SEO companies in India altogether.

SEO companies offering ultra low monthly packages will more often than not deploy low quality resources and talent on your project. Don’t expect to be surprised if months have passed and you don’t see any rankings for your website in google. Chances are, low quality links have made your case worse than when you started with them.

So, the question is, what should you be paying an SEO company per month when you outsource to India?

At Top Ranks India, we follow a systematic SEO pricing strategy customised for each client that will be directly linked to the scope of work and anticipated rankings. Which means, if you are serious about SEO, you will not lose with us in the long run. Our minimum SEO packages start at USD 1000 per month and upwards, which may not be rock bottom, but ensure that we hire the best for your SEO needs.

If you are looking to get a free no obligation SEO audit for your website, just email us at sales@topranks.in or call us at +91-9958010626 today!