SEO above the fold content – how does it matter?

Above the fold content is what the users see when they reach your website or landing page. It could be the title of your content, image, sidebars, anything that they see without scrolling or taking any other action. 

So, how is SEO affected by above the fold content?

Well, the longer people stick on your website, the higher is the dwell time, and lower is the bounce rate therefore. The moment you click on a search result on google, it starts counting the dwell time for the website. The more is the user stickiness, the higher google ill rank your website in SERPS and vice versa. 

What kind of content should you have above the fold to gain SERPS and help your SEO efforts? 

  1. Titles – The title of your page or blog post has to “SELL” the user your rest of the content. This is the red carpet that leads the user to your actual content. 
  2. First paragraph – The first paragraph should not put off the promises you made in your page title. It should make clear what you intend to tell the reader in the remaining article. 
  3. Sidebars – The sidebars should be ideally optimized to not put off the user. 

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