What is the ideal salary of an SEO executive in India?

Salary of SEO executives in India depends on their expertise and ability to generate results.

That’s right.

All SEO executives are not created equal. You can be a beginner SEO, or someone with 5-10 years of SEO experience. Nonetheless, your salary as an SEO will depend on multiple factors such as:

1. Level of your SEO expertise – You can have different levels of expertise as an SEO, such as ranging from SEO on-page tasks, to link building, to devising a strategy, to managing a team of SEO professionals. As you move up the value chain, your salary as an SEO will significantly go up.

2. Ability to get results – If you are a solopreneur or an independent SEO, your compensation may depend on your ability to get results as an SEO. Irrespective of all the tasks that you manage, the more you can get top 10 rankings, the more you will be paid by your clients.

3. Experience – Needless to say, the more experience you have had optimising websites and getting top rankings, the higher you will move up the value chain as an SEO in a company and will be paid more consequently.

SEO salary in india ranges from INR 10K per month for a trainee all the way upto 1.0L per month or more for a SEO director.

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