Should you choose SEO as a career after your MBA or graduation?

So, you’ve graduated and finished your MBA, and now you are thinking about choosing SEO as a career. Should you make the move?

This is an interesting question we get from potential job applicants all over the year. Having an MBA is definitely a plus if you are looking to pursue SEO as a career option. Let’s discuss why?

1. SEO is just more than linkbuilding – SEO is not easy. It is changing every single day with hangers in google algorithms. Having an MBA and analytical skills to. Understand these changes will give you an ease over junior SEO candidates.

2. Traffic is NOT the key. Conversion optimization, also known as CRO is the key to convert traffic into leads and sales. Having an MBA will help you understand how to drive more engagement and sales using CRO and different tools such as optimizely and VWO.

3. Running an SEO business requires leaders. Running the SEO business required leaders who can run the show. Sales and marketing teams for an SEO business, HR Teams, Operations – all require leaders and MBA candidates with experience are usually a good fit in these positions.

Therefore, if you are an MBA and looking to choose a SEO company like Top Ranks for your career growth, you should definitely give it a second though because SEO is a growing industry which will offer multiple avenues of growth.

If you are willing to work with Top Ranks, give us a shout out at +91-9958010626 and we will be happy to help! We are always looking for talented SEO’s and leaders to run our company. We promise you great working environment!