SEO for WordPress out of the box

So, you’ve developed your business website in wordpress, and now its time to get some organic traffic.

What are the best WordPress SEO strategies? Read on.

1. Install the best SEO plugins. SEO Plugins like Yoast SEO (something we have installed on this website as well) work great when it comes to doing the basic on-site SEO tasks for your wordpress website. Yoast will enable you track various on-page factors along with readability analysis for every page.

2. Pick an SEO friendly theme for your website that is fact and is proven to get tp results in search engines.

3. Use plugins like Yoast SEO to create an XML sitemap for your website. USe this to submit to google so that it can crawl your website for all the new pages and updates frequently.

4. Use heading tags on your pages and posts. Google pays a lot of attention on your heading tags to organise and rank content accordingly. For example, take a look at the heading tag on this page that mentions the key focus keyword for this post which is “wordpress SEO”.

5. Build your content around focus keywords and optimize posts with yoast SEO around those keywords. Use long and quality content for your wordpress SEO.

6. Use a mix of related similar content internal and external links on your posts and pages to help google understand the contextual relevance of your content.

7. SEO for wordpress should be a combined with a strong backlink structure from other authority sites.

Hope these tactics will help you gain visibility for your wordpress SEO site and will help you gain organic traffic in no time.

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