The role of social media in politics

Every politician these days, from US President Donald Trump to the Indian ministers like Narendra Modi, are on twitter. The role of social media in politics has come to to a point where it can make or break an argument.

With millennials actively using social media, and growing in numbers with every passing day, 10 years from now we can safely assume that channels like twitter will be capable of making or breaking a government.

Let’s take a look at the role of Social media in politics in 2018 ~

1. Twitter has made government officials and ministers more transparent and accountable for their actions.

2. Politicians can now speak to the masses engaging with them directly without spending a dime.

3.Political campaigns now have a new medium in the form on YouTube where posting is completely free as compared to traditional media. It also offers advertising options in context of relevant target audience for political campaigns.

4. Social media enables political campaigns to go viral in a short amount of time which is great for fundraising and getting the message through to the relevant audience.

5. The feedback on social media is immediate, and its a great sentiment tracking tool to allow insights for future campaigns.

6. The best way to connect with the millennials is through social. No wonder, the power of social is under leveraged today and has a potential to become a massive force in the next decade in political campaigns, whether it is in the USA or in India.

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