Do you need SEO if you are a large corporate?

So, you are a large corporate that is into multiple businesses and has a corporate website. More often than not, this corporate website will portray an overall picture of what the corporate does ~ 

About how the company was founded, Key people including the founder’s address to the stakeholders, Investor relations, Businesses the corporate is in, Stakeholders, Products and services offered, Careers and Human Resource, PR and Media, Contact information 

So, if you are not generating leads for your business from your corporate site, why would you need SEO

  1. Ideally, you would want all the stakeholders of your business to visit your site when they do a google search about your specific business.
  2. Prospective customers might get diverted to competitor sites for information if you don’t appear on the top of your search terms. This could mean loss of big ticket customers in the long run.

At Top Ranks India, we have not only worked with corporates to rank their websites on top of google for their top search terms, we have also helped them devise a strategy for corporate branding in search engines like google. 

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