Facebook ads vs Linkedin Ads, which one should you choose for marketing your business?

Digital marketing in 2018 is all about social. If you are ignoring social media as a medium for reaching out to your target audience, you are probably losing to your competition.

So, should you choose Linkedin or Facebook to reach your audience? Let’s explore.

  • Facebook is a social network of people, who are not necessarily in their business minds when browsing the network. Therefore, for any B2C business, facebook works best while promoting your products or services by their interests. For example, a stock broking company, a driving school looking for more students, an education company – all can rely on facebook for lead generation.
  • Linkedin is a business social network where people connect with others for business. This may include marketing, HR or sales personnel, or even the CXO’s lookig to network with like minded professionals. Therefore, promoting your B2B business such as generating leads for a cloud saas product will possibly work best with Linkedin ads.

That being said, since you can precisely target your audience on both networks, we suggest running test campaigns to see if you can generate quality leads on both. We have had B2B customers for won Facebook has generated relevant leads and vice versa. At the end, it all comes to experimenting and trial.

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