Google Ads for Mobiles in 2018!

Smartphones have been a big revolution in the recent times, especially when it comes to mobile advertising. We have come a far way managing google adwords for our customers to a point where more than 60% of all PPC search traffic comes from mobiles.

Considering this trend, it is important for you to focus your advertising efforts for all devices, be it desktops, tablets or mobiles. At Top Ranks India, we follow mobile specific practices to ensure maximum RoI from your mobile advertising efforts, including:

  1. Mobile optimized landing pages that have an exceptional conversion rate
  2. Ad copies optimized exclusively for mobiles that factor in metrics such as click to call, mobile specific call to action (CTA) etc.
  3. Sitelinks
  4. Mobile conversion tracking

At Top Ranks India, we have worked with numerous clients globally to generate RoI for mobile campaigns that are unmatched by any other agency. To know more about our mobile ads specific solutions, just fill the form on the right and we will get in touch with you!